JoJo: ‘Disaster’

After years and months of setbacks, JoJo is finally getting ready to release her third studio album “Jumping Trains” in October! Today, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter premiered the first official single “Disaster.” The pop-rock tune is reminiscent of her past hit, “Too Little Too Late,” but is more like the older more sophisticated version. JoJo‘s powerful vocal in the song is all I needed, to be honest. The song was sent to radio today!

JoJo will digitally release her new single “Disaster” on Tuesday (September 6)!


  1. Tommy

    Love this song! Glad she stuck with what she knows and does best. A fierce send-off to an ex-lover!! Her vocals have always been amazing but wow, they have matured. Those high notes in the last part are beautiful!

  2. vroy77

    I almost loose my faith in her but this is awesome! Wish her success!

    Note: Please JonAli change the color of the letters ‘cos I cant see the comments! Light grey words in dark grey screen…

  3. sweeetteea

    She is and always will be a flawless talent. I’ve been with her form the very beginning. I have all her unreleased songs and her mixtape. Everything she does is solid. I’m so glad she got everything sorted out and is back with anew album. I’m extremely excited 🙂

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