Leona Lewis: ‘Collide’ Video Premiere

Check out the just premiered video for Leona Lewis‘ new single “Collide” featuring Avicii. The track serves as the first single from her third studio album “Glass Heart” due out before the end of the year. What do you guys think?

Leona Lewis will release “Collide” to iTunes on Tuesday (September 6)!


  1. Joe M

    She looks as beautiful as ever in this one! i am so excited for this new album, it is the one that i have been waiting for all year!!!

  2. Mar-Mar

    1 of my absolute favorite tunes rite now & Leona is freak’n smoke’n with this new look!!! I love tha video as well, not 2 over done & a cule summer vibe 2 it!!!

  3. Topher

    I didn’t like it when I first heard the song but now that I have a video to place the song against, I’m loving it! Pretty excited for the album.

  4. CG Girl

    The video is nice and peaceful. But Leona and her team has not changed anything about Leona sound other than spicing up her image more- which I don’t like btw. I like the more natural Leona. Anyways the video was okay but expected and her song is okay-(It’s still a ballad but they added a techno beat). My thoughts are her team should just stick to ballads and let Leona be herself or either do something completely different but will be comfortable for Leona.

  5. Mike

    i feel echo and this is more true to who leona lewis is as an artist but I prefered it she stuck to ballads and adult comtemporary stuff. That being said some of the tracks off echo were really good, definitely going to give her a listen.

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