First Listen: Kelly Clarkson ‘Mr. Know It All’

Listen to Kelly Clarkson‘s new single “Mr. Know It All” from her new album “Stronger” due out October 25th! The single was produced and written by Brian Kennedy, Ester Dean, and Brett James. May not grab you on the first listen but its undeniably an instant hit. Long live Kelegend!

Kelly Clarkson will digitally release “Mr. Know It All” on Tuesday (September 5)!



    It’s a nice song, but it doesn’t sound like it should be the first single. It’s just not very catchy. I liked it better when I thought that “Let Me Down” was the first single. This song just sounds like a regular album track that I’d find toward the end of the album. Still, it might grow on me …maybe?

  2. Sean

    The vocals are so unprocessed. It’s refreshing.

    I kept waiting for the chorus to kick in…but it never really did. I LOVE Kelly, but I don’t see how a pop song without a big chorus can succeed on the radio…


    Isnt it weird that all i hear is “Jessie J”…i know kelly came first but…all i think of is “Jessie J” lol…cute song but nothing like her old songs.

  4. London

    Really? It’s nice, but instantly forgettable. And I think she sounds like Jessie J (or is it the other way around?)

  5. vroy77

    She is my Queen and I REALLY wait this song sooo much but don’t like it 🙁 Absolutely smells like Just The Way You Are… I hate Bruno Mars btw.
    How sad that the amazing Let Me Down and the SO-FAR-BEST What Doesn’t KIll You leaked before and she dropped them as potential singles.
    Oh, shit day…

  6. jay

    Um really all this time and all those great leaks and we get a female cover of “Just The Way You Are”…fuck outta here with that. smh major disappointment

  7. Danny

    It definitely sounds like a Bruno Mars track! And parts of the song reminds me of At The Beginning by Donna Lewis and Richard Marx! It’s not that original. Kelly needs a “stronger” track as the first single.

  8. Ryan

    The beat during the chorus is really good, but it’s getting a little overused these days. Other than that, I love it!! Kelly can do no wrong <3

  9. Casey

    not a typical 1st single choice of kelly but better than hearing another since you been gone copy like my life would suck without you. Though both songs where great her real fans will love this

  10. Sweeetteea

    This is such a huge disappointment. People aren’t realizing that she cant just come back with a song this basic and be relevant. This isn’t a horrible song. But it’s not a strong first single. It sounds so much like Bruno Mars and thats not good.

  11. Brian McCoy

    Great song- better and better after many listens. the unprocessed vocals is very good like her other leaks. Maybe not as good as Let Me Down. But with the last album, her first single was pretty good and then the second single (Don’t Hook Up) was the better, strongest song on the album

  12. scott

    I LOVE IT!!!

    ali… please change the color of the post fonts to white. Or better yet, get rid of the dark web site. Hard on the eyes.

  13. S

    I finally got to listen to this song yesterday and i really like it. No surprise, since all of Kelly’s songs are amazing. thanks for posting!

  14. Stacey

    Actually on the first listen I was hooked. Your blog is amazing. I just came across it today and I love it. 🙂 I’m glad I clicked on your page. Keep up the great work Jon.

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