Joe Jonas: ‘Fast Life’ Official Album Cover

Check out the official cover for Joe Jonas‘ debut album “Fast Life” due out October 11th! The 22-year-old singer-songwriter is set to premiere his new single “Just In Love With You” very soon. Joe is also hitting the road with Jay Sean starting next month! For all tour dates and ticket information, check out joejonasmusic.com.

BUY Joe Jonas’ latest single “See No More” on iTunes NOW!


  • Mo

    Never thought anyone could accomplish a cover WORSE than Blackout. Congrats team Joe Jonas. This is awful. They made his hot self look mediocre at best…ouch.

  • bLaine kelley

    i don’t like to post stupid shallow comments on the internet, but this cover is horrid! dude Looks Like a sLoth, and the awful photoshop they did on that goatee??!?? wtf?!?!
    he’s a good Looking guy, but someone seems out to get him by puttin out this shit.

  • Ryan

    Topher is absolutely right; Joe has become one of the sexiest guys in the business, but this album cover makes him look TERRIBLE. I feel like the editor got overly excited about wanting his head to look symmetrical… actually, the more I look at it, the more I’m convinced that they completely restructured his head and then slapped a cutout of his facial features on top, shrinking them until they weren’t on the highlighted sides of his head, so they wouldn’t have to worry about making the lighting match. Very, very lazy work. His next album cover better be a picture of him shirtless and soaking wet if they ever want to come close to making up for this crap.

  • Nicky

    Can people please stop comparing this to Blackout??? Blackout is an amazing cover compared to this mess. This is seriously hideous, I thought it was a joke. Joe is really hot and this makes him look bad. It looks like he has a unibrow and the colors and editing in general are really poor. Eek

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