Beyoncé: ‘1+1’ Video Premiere

It seems Beyoncé is ready to start releasing videos for some of the songs off of her latest album, “4.” It’s been said she will shoot a video for each song on the album. A video for her next single “Party” Featuring has already been shot. For this one, the 29-year-old entertainer oils herself up for various glamor shots. It’s a bit of a bore but beautifully shot.

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  1. Topher

    I think this video is FAR from boring! The visuals and her undeniable beauty are what keeps it entertaining! I love it!

  2. art

    i love it! i wish she would use jay-z as the leading man…it would most def bring out more emotion from her…I was at the 4 tour at the concert in nyc and when she sang this to jay-z….oooohhhh you could feel the chills of love….btw i can’t wait for party…but this video is a cool teaser 🙂

  3. Sean

    I actually really like this. I really hope she releases End Of Time as a single. I honestly think it’s the only single that’s powerful enough to hit number 1 on the Hot 100. It’s beautiful, funky and timeless.

  4. Brenda

    Really don’t like this…very boring to me…beautiful but boring. She says she doesn’t know much about a lot of things and apparently about choosing a hit single. Come on…where is End of Time??

  5. mr.bouzou

    Awesome, can’t wait for other three videos, Party, End of Time and Countdown, the later is my fave from the album.:)

  6. Kevin

    I love the simplicity of the video. It’s elegant & classy. Beyonce never fail us on giving different theme than others can offer to us. I love it. I love Queen B. She’s the best & I’m excited on the next & upcoming videos. 🙂

  7. GC

    Such a great song but what the eff is goin’ on in the video? She should have done something like the video for “Halo” but maybe with Jay-Z…that would’ve been sweet. This seems really pointless and maybe a even a little bit conceited. Huge fan of Bey, but for a song this good I expected a better

  8. AJ

    THIS VIDEO IS PERFECTION! The visuals are spectacular and the concept is beautiful. of course this song isn’t a single and I think she’s going to make a music video for each track on the “4” album. BRAVO, BEYONCÉ!!!

  9. Jay

    I grew to enjoy the song….the video is boring….she needs to get back to the studio and re-release 4 and record more upbeat songs…

  10. Gabriel

    love it!
    It is an amazing video, I dont know who is the director, but he/she did a really really amazing job.
    Is impossible to me to not think about make love with her… damn. BEyonce is so… WOMAN! Damn hot

  11. edward

    song is so beautiful! stunning images of beyonce, however, the video looks like a mix of a L’Oréal Paris and Beyonce’s Heat Perfume commercials.

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