Beyoncé: ‘1+1’ Video Premiere

It seems Beyoncé is ready to start releasing videos for some of the songs off of her latest album, “4.” It’s been said she will shoot a video for each song on the album. A video for her next single “Party” Featuring has already been shot. For this one, the 29-year-old entertainer oils herself up for various glamor shots. It’s a bit of a bore but beautifully shot.

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  • art

    i love it! i wish she would use jay-z as the leading man…it would most def bring out more emotion from her…I was at the 4 tour at the concert in nyc and when she sang this to jay-z….oooohhhh you could feel the chills of love….btw i can’t wait for party…but this video is a cool teaser 🙂

  • Sean

    I actually really like this. I really hope she releases End Of Time as a single. I honestly think it’s the only single that’s powerful enough to hit number 1 on the Hot 100. It’s beautiful, funky and timeless.

  • Brenda

    Really don’t like this…very boring to me…beautiful but boring. She says she doesn’t know much about a lot of things and apparently about choosing a hit single. Come on…where is End of Time??

  • mr.bouzou

    Awesome, can’t wait for other three videos, Party, End of Time and Countdown, the later is my fave from the album.:)

  • Kevin

    I love the simplicity of the video. It’s elegant & classy. Beyonce never fail us on giving different theme than others can offer to us. I love it. I love Queen B. She’s the best & I’m excited on the next & upcoming videos. 🙂

  • GC

    Such a great song but what the eff is goin’ on in the video? She should have done something like the video for “Halo” but maybe with Jay-Z…that would’ve been sweet. This seems really pointless and maybe a even a little bit conceited. Huge fan of Bey, but for a song this good I expected a better

  • AJ

    THIS VIDEO IS PERFECTION! The visuals are spectacular and the concept is beautiful. of course this song isn’t a single and I think she’s going to make a music video for each track on the “4” album. BRAVO, BEYONCÉ!!!

  • Jay

    I grew to enjoy the song….the video is boring….she needs to get back to the studio and re-release 4 and record more upbeat songs…

  • Gabriel

    love it!
    It is an amazing video, I dont know who is the director, but he/she did a really really amazing job.
    Is impossible to me to not think about make love with her… damn. BEyonce is so… WOMAN! Damn hot

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