First Listen: Shontelle ‘Reflection’

Barbadian singer-songwriter, Shontelle has been keeping busy since the release of her sophomore album “No Gravity” last year. The 27-year-old is now officially part of Universal Republic after leaving Universal Motown a few months ago. She now joins artist such as Jessie J, Enrique Iglesias, Florence & The Machine, Colbie Caillt and more. Here we have the exclusive first listen of her new single “Reflection” from her forthcoming new album. The track set to impact radio on Tuesday (September 27) is uplifting and delivers a beautiful message set to some fantastic instrumentation.

“It’s a very special song to me and I hope it can help make all those people who don’t love themselves as they were born, maybe take a look from a different perspective,” Shontelle expressed to Jon ALi. “Maybe they’ll see in themselves, the perfection I see when look at them.”

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  1. Lady Gaga

    Dont like it. Too slow & this definitely is not going to make an impact on radio. At least Impossible was catchy.

  2. jr

    To me, it’s a better direction for her. It’s fresh compared to all the dance/club crap that’s currently on the radio.

  3. Ricky

    Happy that she’s avoiding the dance/club thing, but honey this is NOT the way to do it. This song has no chance. I’d honestly be surprised if it even gets played on the radio.

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  5. GC

    If someone is from the Barbados they’re “Bejan”…NOT “Barbadian”

    Otherwise, I actually like this song 🙂

    1. Badnasty Dingaz

      you are wrong am from barbados that makes me a born barbadian, but bajan is our way of saying barbadian………4 example if yu r from trinidad, you r a trinidadian but they label there self a trini,think of it as a slant………….so if yr are from barbados y r call a barbadian but we use bajan more because it come better and it a slant

  6. B

    it’s identical to that jessie j uplifting something song from within the last year (the one she posted on youtube in new york at the subway station). (shows i don’t follow her either).

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