What I’m Listening To: Volume 1 – Catwalk Stuff

Every now and then, I hear songs and can’t get them out of my head for a straight up week. These songs are usually the ones I tend to forget to post about or I just don’t really know how to go about posting them without it being really random. So what I’ve decided to do is start a new feature called, “What I’m Listening,” simple right? Volume one of my brilliant (not so brilliant) idea is called “Catwalk Stuff.” Why? These are the songs that will make you stop your life, throw some girl down a well, push a granny down some stairs, and do the Naomi Campbell walk (see examples). Lets get started, shall we. First up is Romanian dance singer, Inna and her new single “Un Momento” off her second studio album “I Am The Club Rocker!“. The song has been around for almost a year but Inna decided to remaster the track and put out a video for it. The electro-synth-pop track features Spanish DJ/producer Juan Magan and is bursting with Latin flavor. Beach anyone?

DOWNLOAD: Un Momento (Featuring Juan Magan)

This next one was a bit of a surprise. It comes from Bella Vida which is made up of Taylor Ann and Hayley Amber Hasselhoff. Yes, you read that correctly. HASSELHOFF. His girls are all grown up and ready to take over the airwaves with their first single “Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang.” The song is an infectious pop gem and an anthem-in-waiting to be honest. The girls will be snatching wigs in the UK first with a digital release set for Thursday (August 25) – the US will follow later this year.

DOWNLOAD: Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang

Last but certainly not least is Cherise and Nadia aka Booty Luv. The English dance divas have ditched their original name and are back with a new single titled “This Night.” Never disappointing, the single is jam packed with attitude, strong vocals, big synthesizers, and lyrics only true disco divas could come up with. “Stiletto heels, click click clack on the floor.” DONE!

DOWNLOAD: This Night



  1. Michael

    PLLEEEEEAAASSEEEE make โ€œWhat Iโ€™m Listening,โ€ a regular/weekly post! it makes this blog even better than what it already is ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Michael

    I LOVE this idea, a lot! I am always game for any new opportunity I have to hear some obscure music that I would never normally listen to, or even know about.

    Even though it surprised the hell out of me, because when I saw who it was I was like “no way am I gonna like that”, but “Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang” is actually my favorite of these. “This Night” I did not like on the first listen, but I listened again and now love it. lol. I was remotely disappointed with the Inna song, but I haven’t really liked much from her except “Hot”

    Anywho, perhaps a suggestion, not sure on how often you plan on doing this, but if it’s a weekly thing, perhaps you could take suggestions on songs from some of us and pick one or two of your favorites to include in the post…just a thought, not sure if you’re wanted to go that big with it. LOL. But in any case, nice work & great idea!!!

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