Kelly Clarkson: ‘Mr. Know It All’ Artwork Revealed + Announces New Album ‘Stronger’

YES! Singer-songwriter, Kelly Clarkson has just announced that her brand new fifth studio album is titled “Stronger” and that it will be released October 25th! Kelly also announced that she will be hosting a special live webcast on Tuesday (August 30) on her official website to premiere her new single, “Mr. Know It All.” The song will be available for digital download everywhere on Monday (September 5), you can pre-order your copy of “Stronger” at Kelly’s Official Store now and the track will be automatically sent to you as soon as it’s available. WHO’S READY!!!


  • Caleb

    Honestly, she looks like she did when her first album came out. This picture is BLAH! where is the art and imagination of album covers these days!??? Ugh, there is absolutely no creativity anymore….Bored Already!!!

  • Amy

    YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! i think she looks fabulous on this cover. shes not photoshopped like the All I Ever Wanted cover. Its natural and pretty. i love it. =)

  • Chris

    kelly is my life , her voice is phenominal who cares what the cover looks like, is it my favorite no, but im sure the album will be amazing as usual!

  • Edward

    she is definitely Photoshoped….i just saw a performance she did a couple of days ago and she was big…..but yet, in this cover you can see her jaw line and no double chin???? i don’t think so….but i am looking forward to the new album!!!

  • C

    Some of you are so damn shallow. Who cares what she looks like or her weight. Talent is what we want. Besides, Kelly looks phenomenal. I can’t wait for her new single and album. Go, Kelly!

  • miguer

    thats whats wrong with everyone…just because u have money does not mean you need to be skinny! she looks good and i love the fact that she seems average even with her status! love kelly and cant wait for her album

  • Jeremy

    She looks pretty damn healthy to me. What’s wrong with you people? It’s people like YOU who make the garbage comments all over YouTube and other websites critiquing everyone according to your shallow standards, when you yourself are probably “unattractive”, “unsuccessful”, and “fat” yourselves. You’ve bought into the illusion that everyone has to look anorexic to be considered beautiful. Kelly looks healthy and natural on that cover!

  • Rocio

    Honestly, Kelly looks like America now adays… why give a false impression with stupid skinny ass girls… Love Kelly, she like being who she is and I am with her….

  • Antonius

    for being someone who got thrown into the spotlight… i’m extremely proud of her and her dedication. she has always stayed true to herself <3 go kelly!!!

  • Derrick

    I’m excited to hear what sound she’s going for this time. Thanks, Jon for posting the news. As for all of you people on her weight, I’d more than love to see pictures of you! Everyone can post mean crap online, but won’t say it to the person’s face. Post it on HER site and see how far you get. Idiots. You are no better than Perez Hilton. Have fun with that…let me know how it goes.

  • B

    I don’t think half the commenters above read the post’s title. It’s the artwork for her upcoming single. Not the album. But if it were the album…shut the eff up. She’s fantastic and can sing the hell out of a song unlike just about any of the greats, right up there with Whitney, Celine and Mariah. (I’m sure someone will now comment on how Whitney and Mariah don’t have the same pipes anymore…::sigh::). Gay men are the worst.

  • James

    She’s beautiful, but that photo is totally boring. Her camp always has poor photoshopping. Only her first album had beautiful photography. The rest were just ugly and cheap looking. So sad because she’s so naturally beautiful!

  • Devin

    ADORE KElly and cannot wait for the Album/single/TOUR!!! This news made my month for sure, THANKS a million for the update. <3 Kelly. C.

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