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Natalia Kills: ‘Perfectionist’ Out Now + Giveaway!

English singer-songwriter, Natalia Kills has finally released her debut album “Perfectionist” in the US today! The 10-track set includes her singles “Mirrors,” “Wonderland,” “Free” featuring Will.i.Am, with production credits from Martin Kierszenbaum, Jeff Bhasker, Fernando Garibay, and much more. The deluxe edition of the album comes with five bonus tracks including “Kill My Boyfriend” a pop gem produced by Junior Caldera (Sophie Ellis-Bextor) and easily one of my favorite cuts from the record. In celebration of the release we’re giving away THREE copies of the album!

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  • Hoda Samadi

    “Love is a Suicide” is my favorite song from Natalia Kills because its such a raw and gritty depiction of what true love is for me. Often love is a sacrifice and this song is such a smart tongue and cheek homage to the trials and tribulations of discovering who you are, defining what it means to be called “us”, and ultimately unconditional love. Things can get very bloody. πŸ˜‰ This song is a bang! πŸ™‚

  • Devon Halse

    I love love wonderland πŸ™‚ particularly the lines “i want the love the money and the perfect ending, you want the same as i, i so stop pretending” & of course “I don’t believe in fairytales, but I believe in you & me”. Natalia has an amazing way of capturing the emotion of people and adding essence in her songs, they’re all just so powerful and well, real. She says it as it is and she truly understands human nature, while at the same time being rather whimsical and romantic. It’s really quite fascinating.

  • Justin Raines

    Name: Justin Raines
    Email: rainesjr14@yahoo.com
    Favorite Natalia Kills Song: Kill My Boyfriend
    Why?: Cuz ive been put in this position before between two guys. one mean piece of crap boyfriend and then the other one sweet. Although i dont think i would put an axe in the mean guys head so that i could leave and go be with the sweet guy. Id just you know…break up with him LOL

  • Ronnie Crabtree

    Zombie is my fave track by Natalia because its the first song I ever heard by her. Because of my interest in Horror cinema the video really called out to me and i went into Natalia Overdrive. By that point Mirrors had JUST been released and I was in heaven. But I will always remember Zombie for eating a part of my brain and leaving a spot that Ms. Kills can fit perfectly into.

  • Brandon Bauer

    I <3 NOTHING LASTS FOREVER! It has that amazing beat, amazing lyrics and it has that tone in the bridge for a slow song. It should really be a single.

  • chris mendez

    I think my favorite song from miss kills would def have to be “activate my heart”. Fell in love with her since the first time I ever heard about her. <3 <3 <3

  • MoMo GaGa

    My favorite song is wonderland. It just brings out the beast in me. I can’t get enough of her she the new icon. My name is MoMo Rose. I refer to myself as MoMo GaGa.

  • Josh Diaz

    Hi Jon.
    “Kill My Boyfriend” is my favorite song of Perfectionist. Why? Amazing composition, flawless vocals, sweet start – bitchy ending (great contrast), you don’t hear anything like this on the actual radio (she sticks away from abused electro pop). This song gives victory to the name of the album: IT’S PURE PERFECTION.

  • Dwayne


  • Ricardo Ayala

    “And they say a picture says 1000 words, but i would trade a thousand pictures just to hear one of yours.”

    Fav song would definitely be Heaven. My sister passed in 07, so it really hits home. But in a positive note, i learned to appreciate life more because you’ll never know what could happen. If i could personally thank Kills for the song, i would in a heartbeat! I’m obsessed with her, too πŸ˜›

  • Brandon Sandoval

    Brandon Sandoval – bbransan@gmail.com

    My favorite song off the album has to definitely be “Not In Love” Martin killed that single with kills, it has such a beautiful melody, its super catchy and it has that perfect dark pop sound with perfect pop vocals. Overall Perfectionist is one of the greatest debut albums to come out this year!

  • Frank

    I love the song “Free” i think its a very pop/dance and anyone that listens to it will want to break it down and start jamming to it

  • Jaime


    This song hit’s close to home due to the fact that when i listen to it, i see my track record of relationships past and how there so short lived due to unfortunate events. it’s sad how I’ve made it a habit of expecting the worse in future men that come into my life…

    Nothing last forever <3

  • Louis Spanos

    Hey Jon! Big fan of the blog and Natalia! But, I would have to say my favorite Natalia song would be Wonderland. The song illustrates the fairy tale, idealistic views of love we have, but clash with today’s frenzy for casual sex. The chorus shows she doesn’t believe in these views, but she believes in her relationship, and she wants him to take her there, per se. Then the video adds in a whole new dimension to the song that goes beyond the lyrics, and talks about how corruption is covered up with a pretty little bow.

  • Jt Ervin

    Full name: Jt Ervin
    Email: jtervin@tinashenow.com

    My favorite Natalia Kills song is Heaven, by far. The song, quite opposite from her usual dance-pop dark-pop genre is not only a favorite from Kills, but a favorite song of mine in general. I remember Natalia when she was known as Verse, Verbz, Verbalicious and so on. I remember hearing the original more-rap-y version of the song back then and honestly, blowing it off as one of the weaker tracks I’d heard from the young underground pop singer. However, when Perfectionist rolled around in Germany, I immediately had to listen to the new version of the song. It’s release came just a few weeks after I lost my Grandfather, who also happened to my last living grandparent. The meaning and the emotion that came from “Heaven” suddenly seemed so much deeper and relatable. Every time I listen to the song, I get a little teary-eyed. Natalia wrote a beautiful track, that will forever hold a special place in my heart. πŸ™‚

  • Joshua Greer

    Joshua Greer, jgre0222@gmail.com

    “Not In Love” would have to be my favorite track. The lyrics are real, and not just something thrown together. The instrumentation is amazing and I love the layering of her voice near the end of the song. This is DEFINITELY a standout track.

  • Jack Mulligan

    BROKE: I love it because I enjoy that she uses the concept of money and relates it back to love. The lyrics are creative and really get at the heart of anyone who has been through a bad breakup. The track reminds me of a fallout i had with a “friend” who actually really bullied me, and after i finally stood up to her I listened to “Broke”. After her I really had nothing. It has one of the best beats I have heard in a long time and the melodies are awesome, it might not be her most upbeat song ever, but I think its the best song on the album.

  • Julien Cassidy

    Name: Julien Cassidy
    Email: virgoboi422@yahoo.com
    Favorite Natalia Kills Song: Free
    Why?: The song is simple & upbeat but underneath the lyrics is a complex message from Kills. Money & clothes don’t make the person. She belts, “I’m free, I just spent all my money but I rock that like it don’t cost a thing”. The song in itself says no matter what, who she is is what makes the clothes awesome, be free to be your own person. I’M FREE! xoxo

  • Greg

    There’s a lot of great songs on the record but my favorite is “Broke” for several reasons…it has a nice and earnest melody and remains me a bit of GaGa’s “Bloody Mary” which is one of my favorite songs as well. It’s brooding, remorseful, and full of emotion. Also, I agree with others in saying that the lyrics are both clever and have a double meaning that is relatable.

  • Erikkk

    “Nothing Lasts Forever” (Feat. Billy Kraven)by far my favorite song on the album. Its the soundtrack to my broken heart because nothing lasts forever. My Name is Erik Judd and if you know me you KNOW anyone is LUCKY to be with me i’m the total package you dont mess up when you’re with me and i’m in it to win it but im not as best as i like to think i am. My email is erik.judd@my.interiordesign.edu and i love jonalisblog!

  • smurph172

    Scott Murphy: smurph172@hotmail.com I loved the song “wonderland.” Who needs true love as long as you truly love me is one of the most beautiful lines i have heard in a long time. I found that the song really spoke out because while all of this fantasy and fairy tales are out there, all that matters in the long run is that she still trusts and believes in the guy she is in love with

  • Mar-Mar

    Wow there’s so many good songs to choose from off this album but one that really stood out for me was “Broke”. The lyrical content & play on words definitely caught my attention & tha way that I can relate to it. “Free” & “Heaven” are also favorites of mine.

  • Daniel

    Daniel Young

    It’s so hard for me to choose, but I’d say Zombie. It was the first track I ever heard by Ms. Natalia Kills, a week or so before I saw Kelis in concert, last October, and Natalia opened for her. I think the whole album is the perfect blend of dark-pop and dance, with Zombie being the stand-out, for me. Love your site!

  • Aaron Michael A.

    My favorite Natalia Kills track is actually not on the album. “Hot Mess” was a leaked demo that seems to have been the forerunner track to “Free” given it’s talk about fashion and money and fame. Plus it also used the killer line, that was later included in “Free,” I could look fresh in a potato sack.” I love NK’s dark sense of romanticism and sexuality, but I think this track shows a tongue in cheek humor that I love about her. PLus, I used it as the background music for a Chloe Sevigny parody of the parodies for my dodgeball team. πŸ™‚ http://youtu.be/Rpb7OZReaFU

  • Travis

    Name:Travis Rodriguez
    The Song i love the most is ‘wonderland’ because of the beat in the song makes me feel im in a video or a fairy tale.I also think it one of the most radio friendly song.I like when she sings i dont beleive in fairy tales.And it makes me want to dance.

  • Humberto Cuevas

    My favorite Natalia Kills song is Nothing Last Forever because the song is different in a good way, fresh. The meaning of the song is perfect because nothing in life actually last forever. The beat is crazy good, the lyrics are fresh and Billy Kraven just adds extra flavor to the track. The song is hot to play when you’re going out, just bumping it loud and getting crazy to it lol.

  • Erik

    Erik De Monte

    It’s tough to choose which Natalia Kills song I like the best because there are so many songs that fit for so many different moods. I was hooked on Mirrors, especially the “Sex Love Control Vanity” theme but “Broke” is written straight out of my past. And I can’t tell you how many times “Free” has been stuck in my head at work or how many times I watched the video after it premiered since I am a college student and this is essentially my anthem at the moment lol.

    All in all, I guess I would have to say my favorite song is Broke. With such subtle, powerful lyrics (like “You don’t define me, only remind me”) set against such a simple but great beat, I can’t get enough. It speaks to my struggles with both relationships and friendships and I know that I will be listening to this song for a long time.

    Twitter: @edemonte1206

  • Brandon

    Name: Brandon White
    Email: brandoluvv@gmail.com
    I love all of Natalia’s songs, but i would have to say my favorite one is “Zombie”. This song introduced me to Natalia back in April of last year and ever since then i have been hooked. Zombie has a very special meaning to me. When i listen to it i think of all the failed relationships i’ve seen throughout my life and how people can be so cold hearted and not care. I told myself i would never be that way, only to find out that i am that way. I myself am a Zombie, afraid to love, afraid to connect, afraid to feel emotions and afraid to get hurt. This is another reason why i feel i can relate to Natalia’s music. When i listen to her songs i can feel the lyrics on a deeper level and just really think about what she is singing about. “Perfectionist” is the soundtrack to my life at the moment and i can’t wait to see what the future holds for Natalia.

  • William Lopez

    My Favorite Song is Nothing Last Forever why so? because its catchy, dark,edgy, and the lyrics are AMAZING!!! one of the best New Artist this year hands down!!!

  • Albie

    I adore adore adore “Love Is A Suicide” because Fernando’s production mixed with Natalia’s invigorating vocals evoke such passion and emotion that takes the listener on a rollercoaster ride of a failed or masochistic relationship. A true tour de force for an exquisite album. So happy it finally released in the U.S.!!! Cherry Cherry Boom Boom!!!

  • Zachary Cole

    My favourite song is Mirrors because it was the first song I heard by her and fell in love with it right away. I just love the dark and grittyness of the song but also the intimate message behind it all. I knew from then on I would be a big fan of hers.

  • MrXaguilera

    my favorite Nat song is zombie, i first heard it like two years ago here.. yep its been two years since the songs been out.. i actually caught two Natalia Kills shows one in LA and one in Dallas! shes a real visual artist! gotta love it. btw names Pedro Ruiz πŸ˜€

  • Rudy M Pecina

    Rudy M Pecina

    My favorite Ms. Kills song by far is Mirrors. I fell in love with the song and Ms. Kills the moment she told me to “Shut up”. The song is so raw and kinky just like me so we are a match made in heaven. πŸ˜‰

  • David

    “Wonderland” is my favorite song by Natalia Kills. The allusions to fairy tales in the first verse are perfect for illustrating Ms Kills’ sentiments about love. Namely, she prefers “truly loving” over “true love.” These witty lyrics are what make Natalia Kills’ album one of the smartest pop roecrods of the year along with the massive talent on the production side of “Perfectionist.”


  • Bryan Kozlowski

    Name: Bryan Kozlowski
    Email: bk41794@yahoo.com

    My favorite song by Natalia is Love Is a Suicide because it’s so edgy and it seems like she didn’t hold much back when creating it! It’s also an awesome dance tune!


    Name: Luis Vega
    Email: itsluisvega@gmail.com

    Ive been a fan of Natalia Kills for quite a while. Ive seen her change her artist name a few times (Verbalicious, Verbz, Natalia Capuccini, & of course now… Natalia Kills). To be honest though, the only reason i’ve stuck to her music is because she represents the underdog, inspiration to upcoming artists. She’s not in it for the fame, and her music speaks to me. She’s always kept her touch, and personally… i feel inspired by her whole persona. <3

  • Kayla

    Name: Kayla Jenkins
    Email: kjen716@yahoo.com

    Fave song: It’s hard to choose just one. One of my favorites is Acid Annie. That song is just damn catchy. I can listen to that song over and over again. Actually, I can listen to her whole album over and over again. I’m in love with her music.

  • Jacob

    Name: Jacob Aaron Cote
    Email: jcbcote@yahoo.com

    Song: Wonderland. It came to me at the right time in my life, I was in a very twisted relationship. If I were to give details, it would probably be lengthy and embarassing on my part, but what I got out of the song was blind fidelity. A lover is willing to accept their lover’s lies, “I dont believe in fairy tales,” in order to maintain their relationship, “But I believe in you and me.” The entire “Take me to Wonderland…” hook is the lover’s sacrifice of her entire self up to this relationship. Lie to me, take me to Wonderland, make me believe in a fantasy so we can be together. Tragic, I know, but its beautiful in its morbid way.

  • Rick i

    I love ‘Broke.’ It’s a unique choice, but in my opinion it’s the most relatable song on Perfectionist. Don’t get me wrong, I love her dark image, so when she makes songs like these, we are able to appreciate it more. At the same time, it doesn’t really matter because Perfectionist is PERFECTION. I’ve been supporting her since day one!

  • Matt Langille

    favourite song: Free (without William) – its catchy, makes me wanna dance. her voice is amazing on it too! but i like the one without will.i.am just because it more of her, and less of an annoying voice of him haha the video is also amazing and very creative!!

  • Ahmed Altamimi

    I love the whole freaking god damn album I can not pick a favorite, but if I’d have to choose one song I’d pick if I was GOD because I feel like everyone lie to them selves to make them selves feel better and how we see our selves is not how people perceive us. I feel Normal when I hear the song because I know that I’m not the only one who’s an allusion. πŸ™‚

  • Joseph Ammar

    This album is just as the title states it is… Perfection!! I love the entire album, but my favorite song has to be “Heaven”. It reminds me of all of the people in my life that have passed on. Heaven is more beautiful right now with them up there. R.I.P. Bachir, Marc, Cynthia & Natasha! All your wonderful memories will live on and a song like “Heaven” truely captures my feelings <3

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