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Jessie J: ‘Domino’

Jessie J‘s brand-new US single “Domino” has just leaked! The 23-year-old English singer-songwriter is set to release the single for an upcoming “Who You Are” re-release. The Dr.Luke-produced pop track is fun, catchy, and perfect for radio. As always Jessie is serving some strong vocals but the track sounds a little too close to everything Katy Perry has released on “Teenage Dream.” What do you guys think??


  • Dan

    It sounds the same because the producer is the same and didn’t get original… the vocals HOWEVER are better than anything Katy could come close to!

  • Christopher

    WOW! I was just thinking it sounded very Katy Perry-ish when I was listening to it on youtube!!! I still love it though.

  • mangkone

    it may sound like Katy Perry but let’s get one thing straight: Only ONE of those girls could reproduce what they sing in the studio on stage…

  • Kevin

    It’s not Jessie’s fault. It’s Dr. Luke’s. He’s the producer of most songs of Teenage Dream. Hmp! He’s so lazy to do another beat for Jessie though she deserves much more attention than Katy!

  • Mar-Mar

    I like anything that Ms. J puts out rather it sounds like a Katy Perry rip off or whatever her voice will forever shine through no matter what!!!

  • Alex

    I don’t understand why she is getting a re-release? She’s so basic, and she only released one awful single, how does this warrant a re-release here already? Please someone from the UK come get her and take her back, thanks!

  • SCC

    yes, you’re right Jon, I think it sounds almost exactly like “Hummingbird Heartbeat”by Katy Perry. Especially in the pre-chorus of the song, her voice almost sounds identical to Katy’s.

    And I love Jessie J, I love every song from “Who You Are”, but this is too “American Pop” to be Jessie J, and that is definitely because Dr. Luke produced it! I really rather see more Jessie J songs like “Who You Are”, “Stand Up”, “Abracadabra”, “Price Tag”, “Nobody’s Perfect”, or even “Mother Knows Best”. 😉

  • SCC

    oops, sorry, I know it’s “Mama knows best” NOT “Mother knows best”.

    “Mother knows best” is actually a song from Tangled. My bad 😉 haha

  • Sean

    The chorus isn’t nearly as catchy as anything off Teenage Dream. It’s a pity, because she’s extremely talented as a vocalist.

  • Carlos

    the song is good and catchy, and sounds like something the amazing Katy Perry would release, but I don’t see how it sounds like TGIF and Hummingbird Heartbeat just because of the guitar riffs..Maybe the breakdown sounds like the one in Teenage Dream, just not as mesmerizing. But the song is nice either way, I don’t see it charting and being her US breakout though. She is a great vocalist (even if she outdoes and oversings and times) but she needs to upstage her game if she really wants to make it in these borders.

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