Lady Gaga: ‘Yoü and I’ Video Premieres Thursday!

Lady Gaga is just days away from premiering the video for her new single “Yoü and I” on MTV this Thursday (August 18) at 7.50 p.m. EST. The two pictures are screen caps from the video that Gaga tweeted herself. The video has been confirmed to be directed by the Haus of Gaga and choreographed by Laurieann Gibson. “The premise of the video is that I walked all the way from New York in this kind of almost wintry outfit to get to my man,” the 25-year-old singer revealed last month. “I’m walking down the highway and my feet are kind of bloody. There’s this fork in the road and it’s four different ways that I can go, but there’s lots of other things that can happen.” Following the premiere, Lady Gaga will make a special announcement from New York City. Who’s excited!?

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  1. i cant wait !

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  3. not this as the next single……

  4. I can’t wait! I wasn’t too sure about You And I being the next single, but I’m ok with it now!

  5. This is the best song on the album! Both vocally and lyrically.

  6. FUCK YES!!!! I love this song (the first song I instantly loved from the album) so I’m super excited for the video! Thursday can’t come soon enough!!!! The stills look amazing.

  7. it’s out on perez already…

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