Nicola Roberts: ‘Lucky Day’ (Video Premiere)

By now you may have seen an unfinished edit of Nicola Roberts‘ video for “Lucky Day.” The good thing is that the official video looks nothing like it. Here we have the just premiered video in full which includes tons of special effects that were planned to be added all along. I just love Nicola’s style, too cute. What do you guys think?

Nicola Roberts will release “Lucky Day” in the UK on Sunday (September 18)!


  1. Cameron

    the song comes off okay, its a little annoying even in the .35 seconds…but the outfit has got me laughing i cant help but picture a whore from the 70’s haha.

  2. Robbie

    Am I the only person who thinks she looks completely ridiculous? Her hair cut and clothing makes her look so gawdy and just bizarre… Definitely no Cheryl Cole.

    That having been said I effing love this song and “Disco, Blisters and a Comedown”. Brilliant songs.

  3. CG Girl

    The song is catchy but on some parts of the song her vocals sound whiny. and I can’t. I don’t think I can ever view this video again with the horrid shirt, cheetah or leopard print underwear and absent trousers. I’m so embarrassed for her. She has potential but she has more work to do.

    1. Roab

      I totally agree @Johnathan. She has the personality of a used condom. And that Judy Garland broadway billy goat voice is f’ing awful! She gets an all apendages down from me!

  4. sunshine

    I love the song, love her hair, love that she’s not Cheryl Cole and is doing her own thing. The song is catchy and easy going. Love it!

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