The Saturdays: ‘All Fired Up’ (Video Premiere)

The Saturdays are on a roll with the premiere of their new video for their latest single “All Fired Up” from their third full-length album due out later this year. Stunning, edgy, slick, and altogether definitely one of the groups best videos yet. All the looks were perfection. What do you guys think?

The Saturdays will release “All Fired Up” on iTunes in the UK on Sunday (September 4)!


  1. Mike

    Wow, amazing! They should release this in the States before they do it in the UK. That’s the thing the most British acts do wrong. JLS could already being huge in the States. Just like Cheryl Cole and the Sugababes.

  2. Kalub

    I am not convinced. The girl groups of today have no attitude or soul. They all seem so manufactured and their songs are almost always subpar to real radio hits. I miss the girl groups of the old days.

  3. CG Girl

    Lv their new video. It’s their best one and best song to me so far. (I didn’t like Notorious-too generic but the beat was hot). I can’t believe Una is singing at the end- keep it on the radar or keep me on the radar-I thought Vanessa was singing most of the whole song
    especially the ending. Una sounds so rb and urban at the end (major shocker) and Rochelle is starting to sound more like Vanessa on every song.

  4. 9021O

    I died & gone to heaven!! I love it. This reclaims them as the girl group they are almost like how survivor was for destiny’s child and reclaimed them a new level!

  5. Dexter

    I like it but the sugababes careers arent doing so well neither are jls except in te uk. the us is too strict and stuck when it comes to its music.

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