Jessie J: ‘Who’s Laughing Now’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video for Jessie J‘s fourth UK single from her debut album “Who You Are.” The song overall has a great message and Jessie really did a great job by staying true to the lyrics in the video. What do you guys think?

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  1. dwayne

    I love her. But this isn’t a song to me. this feels like a statement. next please. Great looking video the kid is cute

  2. kcforever316

    I feel this – maybe cause people did the same to me in school(s). But who’s laughin’ now? ME >)
    However I’d love a video for my personal fav from the album – Who You Are.

  3. Required

    Hated the video, it’s stupid. She comes off as a little idiot brat. What did the lunch lady or constrution crew working on the stage play have to do with the little girls who teased her? Brat.

  4. Mackie-theoneandonly

    Funny thing is, is that I didnt like it on first listen, replayed it and now I love it. The video is cute. I love the lil bratty kid. hahah

  5. SCC

    I love her, but I don’t think this is a good single choice. I would have rather seen “Abracadabra”, “Stand Up” or ***cross fingers*** “Who You Are” (the fan favorite of the album and my personal favorite) to be released as a single!! I hope she releases one of those tracks as her 5th UK single and 2nd US Single!!! 🙂

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