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Jon ALi Interview: Pia Toscano + ‘This Time’ Video Premiere!

Last week, I got the chance to catch up with Pia Toscano while she was in Minnesota for the American Idols Live tour. You can catch the video premiere of “This Time” and my full interview with Pia below!

Jon: Hey Pia! How are you?

Pia: I’m great! How are you?

Jon: I’m good, excited to talk to you. I know you’re on tour right now; where are you guys at the moment?

Pia: We’re in Minnesota

Jon: Awesome…so how has it been going?

Pia: It’s going really well. We just got here this morning like at 6:30 and so far so good. I’m excited for the show tonight.

Jon: How is everyone else doing? Are you all getting along?

Pia: Everyone is good. Lauren and Naima are actually with me right now, we’re in hair and make-up.

Jon: Wonderful, well be sure to tell the ladies I said hello.

Pia: Of course

Jon: You’ve just recently released your first single “This Time,” how does it feel to have it out there?

Pia: It feels awesome. It feels amazing to be able to perform your own material every night. I’m very fortunate to be able to play my single while on tour. It’s been really well received. The first night I performed it, I was really nervous because no one had heard the song before but now people know it and they’re singing along with me so it’s really cool.

Jon: That’s so exciting and I heard you’ll be on So You Think You Can Dance tomorrow.

Pia: Yeah! That’s really exciting, we’re pre-taping it tomorrow morning and then I fly right back. I’m basically leaving tonight right after the show, pre-taping in the morning, and then flying right back for the tour.

Jon: I see, so you’ll be moving non-stop.

Pia: Yeah but it’s fun, I like it.

Jon: Now I know you already shot the video for “This Time,” what can you tell us about it?

Pia: It will be premiering very soon and we just decided to stay very true to the lyrics. For me the song is about self-empowerment and the video is going to be showing a lot of that.

Jon: Great! I’m sure your fans are looking forward to that. What will obviously come next is the album, how is that going?

Pia: We’re about 8 songs in on the album right now.

Jon: Perfect. Who are some of the people you’re working with for it?

Pia: I’m working with Rodney Jerkins, Rock Mafia, Ester Dean and Brian Kennedy who wrote and produced “This Time.”
Jon: So you’re working with some great people then.

Pia: Yeah, I couldn’t be happier. I’m working with some amazing producers and everything is panning out like I hoped it would. Rodeny is really amazing, we have a great connection musically and I’m loving everyone who is collaborating with me and working with me.

Jon: Yeah for sure, you definitely are very lucky. Are you thinking of or wanting to have any featured artists on the album.

Pia: I would love that. I’m a huge fan of Alicia Keys and would love to do something with her. Ryan Tedder would be awesome. I’m also a huge fan of Jay-Z so if that could happen, that would be amazing.

Jon: Those are some big names but if it happened it would be major.

Pia: Yeah, I mean I wish I could but you never know.

Jon: I’m sure something will come up, like you said, you never know.

Pia: Exactly!

Jon: Well it’s been great Pia. I wish you luck on the show tonight and hope everything goes well for you from here and on.

Pia: Thank You, I really appreciate it.

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    • Fatima

      I def. think the video helps the song out a lot but I still feel like this song was fit more early 2000′s not now, but the video is anmizag for it to be her first ever. Well Done. More Excited For Haley Reinhart Then Any On Them!:) TEAMREINHART

    • Shantiram

      Mar05Fred DeFelice Pia Toscano is going to sell a tons of CD’s. She has such a beautiful voice, poise and her looks are so stiunnng. She is truly a beautiful young girl that is going to so well in this contest. I voted for her about 50 times the night she got the standing ovation. God bless her, and I wish her all the luck in the world, however I really don’t think she needs it. Break a leg sweetheart. Oh by the way my wife and little girl feels the same as I do.

  • number1k9

    @xppdm No one is EVER a Nicole Scherzinger wannabe, get that right. Nicole herself is a Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, (even now) Rihanna, plus more wannabe….hell not even at that status she is a complete fail as a solo act!

      • Tiberius

        Nicole is a waste as a solo artist it’s all to fake and over done. Honestly never seen a #1 in her solo career, she can ask Rihanna and Beyonce what a #1 feels like they’ve got plenty.

        • xppdm

          don’t hold your breath was no1! and when she was a Pussycat doll had many no1. and this was a solo career…the other girls were dancers!

  • Cameron

    I def. think the video helps the song out a lot but I still feel like this song was fit more early 2000’s not now, but the video is amazing for it to be her first ever. Well Done. More Excited For Haley Reinhart Then Any On Them!:) TEAMREINHART

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