1. love it the video and song

  2. Oh. my. goodness. This is FIIIIIIIIIRE! I can’t even. *bow*
    And I am absolutely in love with Jade<3

  3. waiting for the haters to arrive and bitch about keisha and how they aren’t the real sugababes… *yawn*
    anyways, the video is fierce the song is fire. The babes are back and a million times better. People just can’t accept that

  4. This song annoys me … the “free dom dom dom” part just sounds stupid. If it wasnt for that part, I think i’d prob like this song .. videos hot tho

  5. where’s the video at ??? i only see a black box

  6. ok now i see it..

  7. This unreal Sugababes is good… But they will be better with their new name… They are not Sugababes… But they are nice new trio.

  8. they shouldnt be called sugababes!! 🙁
    though the song is hot and the video is sexy but buttt..

  9. I love them, the video is on fiyahhhh~

    About their name, they I think they should be called the Sugababes, Heidi has been in the group since the second album, she’s put in the same amount of work, and basically she’s just as original as Keisha I think.

  10. I remember when I were a lad, there used to be a band called the Sugababes. Is this the same one? Seriously – the girls are looking GOOD!

  11. Heidi’s been with the band for 10 of their 14 years. That means she’s made 22 of their 26 singles a hit for them. Therefore Heidi= A Sugababe. Personally Heidi defines the Sugababes for me, considering her vocal is amazing and more often than not she smashes the solo’s and the middle 8’s!
    As long as she’s in the band I think they have every right to keep the name!

  12. just love the NEW beat !!

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