Maroon 5: ‘Moves Like Jagger’ w/ Christina Aguilera (Video Premiere)

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  1. Timm

    I love this song, I love this video (I think mainly because he’s shirtless pretty much all the way through it)!!! Thanks for posting this, Jon!!!

    One complaint; full screen? wtf?

  2. Christopher

    Adam is so freakin’ hot! I’m impressed with Christina. Her part wasn’t that big in this song but she actually did well and she didn’t over egg the pudding with her singing. Her hair and make up was on point as well. Her hair usually looks like she just rolled out of bed but it was actually well constructed here! Good job!

  3. Louis

    I don’t know whether it was Adam being himself or Adam “moving likve Mick Jagger” – but did anyone else think he came across REALLY camp? Not a complaint – was just surprised is all. Good video; wish Xtina had more to do in it thought. And am not really an Adam fan; but he did look quite good all topless!

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