David Guetta: ‘I Can Only Imagine’ Featuring Chris Brown & Lil Wayne

The tracks from David Guetta‘s new album “Nothing But The Beat” just keep pouring out. The next to come from the 12-track set is “I Can Only Imagine” featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. Once again, Guetta serves up a dance floor-ready party record and is seeing no complaints from me. Be sure to check it out, Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: I Can Only Imagine (Featuring Chris Brown & Lil Wayne)
David Guetta will release his new album “Nothing But The Beat” on Tuesday (August 29)!


  1. Brad

    What’s up with the download stuff? We have to now pay for everything? Also, that download button takes us to a site that wants to download a DOS file to our computers so we can start paying for stuff. MACs don’t use DOS so even this does not work.

    Please advise.


  2. Post
  3. Timm

    As soon as I read David Guetta, I was excited. But then followed by Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, my excitement left the building. Taking a listen to the track anyway… Surprisingly, I like it. I didn’t think I’d care for it, but I like it. I can definitely hear this booming in the clubs!!!

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