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Sabi: ‘Wild Heart’

Newcomer, Sabi is finally getting ready to release her own material from her debut album due out later this year. Signed to Warner Bros. Records she has already appeared on songs by Britney Spears, Cobra Starship, and the New Boyz. Here we have a new promo track titled “Wild Heart” that Sabi just premiered this week. “Wild Heart” was produced by The Dream Machine and can be downloaded for FREE at her official website.



  1. After (Drop Dead) Beautiful, I really didn’t really have any hope for her. But this song is like one of the best I’ve heard all year. It’s been on repeat in my iTunes since it came out.

  2. love Drop Dead Beautiful, love You Make Me Feel and now i love this song! i hope she does really well. =)

  3. Generic. No hope, desire, or remote interest for her after hearing two singles from her. But I wish her the best of luck. If your running with the big dogs you really have to stand out or blend in with popular masses and this song does nothing.

  4. Loving this track!!!

  5. it’s incredible


  7. Sounds just like “Heart On My Sleeve” by Frankmusik, and “Inside Out” by Britney, I know they are the same producers… but come on!

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