Pia Toscano: ‘This Time’ Video Teaser + SYTYCD

Check out the video teaser for Pia Toscano‘s debut single “This Time” set to premiere next week on Tuesday (August 9)!

Last night, Pia did her first televised performance of “This Time” on So You Think You Can Dance? Her vocals were on point (as always) and she looked gorgeous.


BUY Pia Toscano’s debut single “This Time” on iTunes NOW!


  1. Kevin

    She really got the talent.. She doesn’t deserve to be in 9th place.. She’s better than Scotty or even Lauren. 🙁 I hope “This Time” hits, because it’s a good song from the best composer, Ester Dean. 🙂 Go PIA! 🙂

  2. Mar-Mar

    This is a bad bitch & she is kick’n ass & take’n names!!! On point vocals, beautiful & talented, yeah this time she’s gonna let em have it!!!

  3. Sean

    Eeeek the comparison to Jessica Simpson is too accurate. But it might be, in part, due to the song itself. I always thought Pia should have premiered with a huge dance track like Only Girl. This Time sounds dated.

  4. SerferTJ

    I can’t un-hear the “Jessica Simpson” in this song now. lmao!
    But she’s amazing, hope the song sky-rockets for her, but her next single needs to be a lot more current. lol

  5. CG Girl

    Wrong song choice. Very generic and it has been done before. However, her vocals are perfect. She has wonderful vocals. With the right song choice she can easily become one of the top earning American Idol contestant. Lv her voice.

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