Nicole Scherzinger: ‘Wet’ Video Premiere!

Check out the official video for “Wet,” the fourth UK single from Nicole Scherzinger‘s debut studio album, “Killer Love.” I don’t know about you guys, but the Justin Francis-directed video is giving me some serious Pussycat Doll vibes, maybe Nicole should invest in some male back-up dancers instead. What do you all think?



  1. Nothing but hotness from the Wet single and Nicole. I can’t get this song out of my head. Lv it!

  2. Awesome!

  3. I loved Nicole Scherzinger but when she is around female dancers, It looks a lot like a PCD video. The video itself was okay…

  4. I absolutely love this video & yes I totally agree, major Pussycat Dolls of yesteryear but she still looks majorly HAWT!!!

  5. thanks för u remind me of that !

  6. Thoug it’s a little generic I donn’t understand why this woman has it so hard. She souppossedly has all it takes to make it but she neaver reaces

  7. in regards to the pcd vibe people are mentioning, that group was basically all Nicole anyways so i don’t see much of an issue in the similarities. why should she try to purposely distance herself from other female dancers just to seem less pcd-like? LoL.

    …as for the video itself i thought it was definitely the best out of her solo clips, tho i don’t like the whole “Let’s make her seem fun and silly by havin her do a few cutesy winks and grins”. the song is called “wet”, LoL, eff the cutesy shit; serve up the sex!

    …Lastly, glad to see the blog is finally back up J.A. the world missed yuh =0]

  8. sounds like only girl in the world, hee

  9. why is THIS the next single?! WHEN is she going to OFFICIALLY release #KillerLove?! As if that does not have MEGA-HIT written ALL-OVER-IT!!!


  11. Nicole is super hot and she’s extremely talented! Great video and song! Check out her performance last night on Lopez Tonight!! It was AMAZING!!

  12. she must continue to have female dancers! Well Done!

  13. she’s hot

  14. NICOLE i love you…

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