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David Guetta: ‘Titanium’ Featuring Sia

French DJ and producer, David Guetta is currently taking over the airwaves with his latest singles “Where Them Girls At” and “Little Bad Girl.” The tracks serve as the introduction to his fifth studio album “Nothing But The Beat” due out Tuesday (August 30)! The 43-year-old hit-maker has decided to release three promotional singles before the album officially hit stores. First up is “Titanium” a massive collaboration with Australian singer-songwriter, Sia. The odd pairing has actually turned out to be an epic pop gem. Sia‘s vocals, the lyrics, the build up, the song may be the best thing Guetta has done in awhile. Be sure to check it out, Enjoy!

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  • rokestar

    Cool Collab’ but I gotta admit i like sia more when she’s making her own stuff. Don’t like the Guaetta vibe on that song, its too predictable and does’nt fit to sia’s voice.
    It sounds like he took a Sia’s song and made a remix – thats always not as good as the original.
    Too bad we don’t get to hear an acoustic version without guetta.
    Now Guetta and nicki minaj..Thats a GREAT combo!

  • Xtopher

    SIA FTW ! …Marys version is so bleh and generic … Sia has sucha unique and gorgeous voice … hope the Mary one goes no where and this stays on the album

  • stevieb

    flawless. sia has way more power and emotion to her voice. i don’t think the mary version would have stood up. amazing =)

  • auxauxaux

    Sia is so freaking amazing. Her songwriting ability and vocals are always really interesting and like a fresh breath of air amongst the generic pop that dominates the charts. Guetta was very lucky to get her, this song is brilliant, even though the build up + drop could have been made a bit more ‘epic’ to suit her vocals/the lyrics.

  • Charlie H

    Mary J? BORING! SIA? BEAUTIFUL!!!! I honestly don’t understand how anyone can compare this version to MJB! MJB is amazing, but she shouldn’t touch dance! Sia however!!!! and she needs this amazing tune to reach to masses! I 100% hope this launches her into the UK market! God knows we need something better in our top 10!

  • Michelle

    I love this. Sia’s vocals add so much to the song. Mary J has an amazing voice but Sia’s just gives this song an extra edge.

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