Will Young: ‘Jealousy’ + ‘The Way I See’

British singer-songwriter, Will Young is weeks away from releasing his fifth studio album “Echoes” in the UK on Monday (August 22)! The album was produced entirely by electro-pop mastermind Richard X (Goldfrapp, Sophie-Ellis Bextor, etc.) and features writing credits from Fred Falke, Richard Stannard, the Sound of Arrows, Pascal Gabriel, and much more. If first single “Jealousy” is any indication of how the rest of the album will sound like, then I already know I’m going to love it. “Jealousy” is easily one of my favorite records released this year and the video (see below) is just beautiful.

That’s not all, Will decided to release a non-album track this week titled “The Way I See” for FREE! The pop track won’t even be on the album but it’s definitely something you don’t want to pass up. Packed with a disco beat, synthesizers, and Will‘s smooth vocals, the track is completely amazing and infectious. Listen below, Enjoy!

Will Young will release his new album “Echoes” in the UK on Monday (August 22)!


  1. CG Girl

    I like the song “jealousy” it totally takes me back to the 80’s-it’s like wait am I back in 1984? I like it but he needs to make his songs more modern because I think if someone was listening to this on the radio they would think it was a 80’s song and not give it too much thought. The other song is a no no. it has MJ written all over it. You can be inspired but don’t swagger jack someone’s style 100 percent. These up and coming artists need to realize they either just blend in with the popular masses to make money or stand out.

  2. vitaamine

    Im IN LOVE with him (and his songs obviously), best thing I’ve heard in a while!! And I do agree with you, the music video for Jealousy is truly beautiful!

  3. Andrew

    what i think is so brilliant about this video, is the viewer has no clue if the character is jealous over the girl or boy. Its a great way to leave the viewer to question and apply it to themselves. Its a straight and gay appeal. Or he could be jealous over their talent. Its an open ended song, which makes it even more powerful for the listener.

  4. DJH

    CG Girl, you are an idiot! Will Young is not an “up and coming” artist, he has been around for 10+ years making music in the UK… and who cares if a song sounds like its from the 80’s? How many pop artists are sampling styles from that era now?

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