Nicola Roberts: ‘Lucky Day’

After the lukewarm response of her first single, Nicola Roberts is ready to move onto the next. Here we have her new single “Lucky Day” from her debut solo album “Cinderella’s Eyes” due out in the UK on Monday (September 26). Co-penned by Dan Kurtz and Martina Sorbara of Dragonette, “Lucky Day” is a fun and quirky disco-pop number that will most likely be more pleasing to those who didn’t enjoy “Beat Of My Drum.” The major difference between the singles is that Nicola‘s vocals are the main focus in “Lucky Day” opposed to just the beat in “Drum.” What I love about Nicola is her voice and her style and she really has put her stamp on everything that shes released thus far. The new single is now different and I love it. Be sure to check it out, Enjoy!

Nicola Roberts will release “Lucky Day” in the UK on Sunday (September 18)!


  1. CG Girl

    I loved Beat of My Drum. This song is not the best but I have to admit her voice is very distinct and the song is a bit retro and funky. I don’t know if radio will eat it up but she needs to work on her voice control because sometimes it reminds me of a whining cat.

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