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Fresh off the release of her debut EP, “As If.” I talked to singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira about everything from her music, the internet, and even Rebecca Black. Check out the full interview below!

ME: Hi Sky! How are you?

SKY: I’m good, how are you?

ME: Great, I’m excited to talk to you today. I first wanted to congratulate you on releasing your “As If” EP, how exciting is that?

SKY: I’m really excited, it’s finally out. [Laughs] It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Feels good to finally have something out, it took forever.

ME: Yeah, understandable. I feel like your fans have been waiting for something to be put out for awhile now so in a way, you must feel relieved.

SKY: Yeah it’s definitely a relief.

ME: So you have five new songs on the EP, was there a reason you picked these 5 specific songs?

SKY: I feel like I wanted to make the EP as strong as possible because it would only be five. So I wanted it to be the five songs that I thought were the strongest. That’s what I picked, the best.

ME: Exactly, was there any song in particular you were really pushing for?

SKY: Not really, it was kind of all of them. I don’t really have a favorite, you know? All of them are really personal to me.

ME: Yeah understandable, like all your little babies.

SKY: Exactly

ME: After listening to the EP, was there anything specific you wanted your fans to take from it?

SKY: I just want them to enjoy it, you know? I don’t want them to feel jipped or anything. All I care about is if they like it. I’m not one to usually care what people think but it’s different with fans. I’m not saying I’m going to change things for fans but I felt like the EP needed to be for them.

ME: Yeah, I totally get that. Now I know “Sex Rules” is kind of like the first song to be put out there for the EP. Is there any plan on releasing any of these songs as official singles?

SKY: I’m not sure; the single stuff doesn’t really depend on me. So I’m not too sure at the moment.

ME: Gotcha. How about a video? Can we expect that?

SKY: I’m trying to push towards it.

ME: Awesome! I think it would be great to see a video from any of the songs.

SKY: Yeah, will see.

ME: Well you have the EP out now but I’m sure you’re still working on your debut album, right?

SKY: Yup! Still working on it, I’m kind of starting over a bit. All the songs now are a little old so I want to make it better.

ME: Yeah, that’s understandable. Do you think you’ll get rid of all of them and continue to record or keep some?

SKY: No, I’ll definitely keep some. It just kind of depends on what the rest of the album sounds like.

ME: Yeah, you want it to all sound like it’s relevant at the time of its release.

SKY: Yeah, I don’t want it to sound like someone already did it or something. That would be a fail.

ME: [Laughs] yeah exactly. Now do you plan on touring a lot more?

SKY: I definitely plan on doing more shows, I’m not exactly sure I’m able to do a tour at the moment. Maybe open for some people like on and off and hopefully I’ll be playing some of the CK1 parties and stuff. That would be cool.

ME: Yeah totally, I know you have a lot of fans out there that would love to see you live. My next question is; why do you think it’s so much tougher for female artist to break into the industry these days?

SKY: I think there are just so many female artists out there. You want to stand out and try to do something that’s different. It isn’t always easy.

ME: Yeah, that’s the same way I think about it. Who do you think everyone is keeping there eyes on? The female artist everyone is after? [Laughs]

SKY: I feel like everyone is kind of like that with Robyn. A lot of people want to sound like her now, you know? There’s no one out there who could be Robyn other than Robyn.

ME: Yeah, I love Robyn. I feel like she should be doing so much more but I love where she is now so it’s all good.

SKY: Yeah, exactly. I feel like she’s doing something different and people really appreciate it. A lot more people are acknowledging it now more then they were a few years ago.

ME: Yeah. Would you ever want to collaborate with Robyn?

SKY: Yeah, I would love to collaborate with Robyn. Definitely.

ME: That would be great; you’ve already worked with the same producers so it’s only a matter of time. [Laughs] Okay, I’m going to ask you some random questions now. What do you think of Rebecca Black?

SKY: I mean it is what it is. I don’t think it’s supposed to be taken seriously. She probably takes it seriously in her mind but I don’t think even at this point she cares. I think at this point she is just like oh my god I’m famous. [Laughs] I don’t look at it any other way, it’s amusing. I don’t take it personally; I don’t even think at this point she takes it personally. Good for her, this is her 15 minutes of fame, you know?

ME: Yeah, exactly [Laughs].

SKY: She will get ridiculous amounts of money for doing nothing. For being thirteen, that’s awesome [Laughs]. Like good for her, it doesn’t seem like she’s a bad person either.

ME: No she seems like a total sweetheart.

SKY: Yeah, you know? The overnight success happens to girls who do like porn and stuff. Then you’re like that’s gross. This is just a thirteen year-old girl who came out with a song and got ripped off by some weird fake record label. Now she’s getting noticed and making money.

ME: [Laughs] Yeah, exactly. People underestimate the power of the internet.

SKY: Yeah, definitely. For me it’s a big deal. For other people it may not be a big deal that their EP was #13 on iTunes but for me it is. This EP basically had no promo other then my CK1 ads. I didn’t do any TV stuff and nothing was on the radio but I managed to make it behind Justin Bieber and Ke$ha. Which is so weird on the first day but it’s an accomplishment. A lot of people wouldn’t look at it like that but I least I got up and it charted somewhere. It was because of the internet and my fans; it wasn’t because of anything else besides that. It just proves what the internet can do.

ME: Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying. You’re not going to find the new music on the radio, it’s on the internet.

SKY: Yeah exactly, it’s going to be on the internet. You don’t hear that many new songs on the radio anymore.

ME: Yeah, all you hear on the radio is the same artists being played over and over again.

SKY: Yeah, exactly.

Me: Alright… moving on. What are your guilty pleasures?

SKY: Hmm, well I don’t really consider anything I listen to or watch on TV guilty pleasures; I’m pretty okay with it [Laughs]. It’s more like; a guilty pleasure for me is over spending on like clothes or something. Eating stuff I shouldn’t eat [Laughs]. I’m not embarrassed about the stuff I like.

ME: Yeah I can see that happening a lot, especially in New York City [Laughs]. What are three things you cannot live without?

SKY: My blackberry. My music and something to record it with….well I guess I can use my blackberry for that [Laughs] and my voice. Those are the three things I cannot live without.

ME: Three things you want to do before you die?

SKY: I want to travel. I guess I want to get married, that would be… cool [Laughs]. Like have a real marriage and not like one of those weird ones. Then I would also like to keep doing music and be as successful as I can be.

ME: That sounds good to me [Laughs].

SKY: Yeah, I would like to be doing this for awhile.

ME: Yeah! You want a career.

SKY: Exactly

ME: Alright well that was basically all I had but It’s been wonderful talking to you, thanks for taking time to talk to me today.

SKY: No problem, Thank You!

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