Jon ALi Interviews: Natalia Kills

Cherrytree artist and singer-songwriter Natalia Kills gives Jon ALi a shout out. Listen to a clip and read the full interview below!

ME: Hello


ME: Hey Natalia! How are you?

KILLS: I’m fine, thank you. How are you?

ME: I’m wonderful! I’ve been told you’ve just arrived to the venue.

KILLS: Yes, literally just walked down the stairs into the dressing room.

ME: Exciting! I don’t know if you remember me but I met you not too long ago with my friend Brad of MuuMuse.

KILLS: Yeah! I absolutely remember you. Of course! How are you?

ME: [Laughs] I’m good, I’m good. So today is your last stop on this tour with Robyn. I know you’re probably sad that it’s ending but also excited to have been on this tour. How has it been?

KILLS: Yeah, It’s been really great. The whole thing has been a lot of fun and a really great experience. I think the best part is that there are so many places I’ve never been to in the US. I’m from England so it was really nice to see all these different cities and discover that I have all these fans from all these places. I’ve only been to NY and LA so its been really nice.

ME: Yeah I could imagine. You’ve also done some dates on your own. How have those been?

KILLS: Yeah, great actually! I really liked the smaller shows because they have been a lot more intimate and dynamic. A lot of fun.

ME: Great! How has the reception been? Everyone loving it?

KILLS: Yeah, absolutely! There have been people who’ve been at the venues all day and they’ll ask for a picture and there singing along to the songs. It’s great. Even at other places there are people who have never heard of me before and the feedback will be great. There are still people discovering me and it’s nice to have them come up to me and say I was a surprise. It’s been nice to win people over.

ME: Yeah! I totally get what you’re saying. I was actually at the New York show and there were many people around me who asked “Who is that? Is that Natalia Kills?” or “Oh, I’ve heard of her” and I made sure they all knew, yes this is Natalia Kills. Get to know her! Get to know her!

KILLS: [Laughs] Thank You!

ME: [Laughs] No problem! Now you’ve just released the teaser trailer for “Mirrors” and by the time this is up the video will already be out. What can you tell us about it and the concept?

KILLS: When I was writing the treatment for the video, I wanted it to be kind of like ‘Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There’ where she gets pulled into this world. Everything is a lot darker and more surreal then in real life. I really wanted to use that kind of surreal feeling in the video. So I’m with my little bad bitch girl gang, riding along in the car to this place where I’m going to check out this mirror that has something very disturbing about it. Evil mirror me, plus me into this different world where I’m basically just a harder, darker more surreal version of myself. A lot of the ideas for the video were inspired by surliest painters like Gali and René Magritte so it was really fun building the set and designing how everything would look. It was really cool and I had a lot of fun getting the clothes and everything for it.

ME: Yeah of course. It’s your first music video for your first single so I can only imagine. You also got to co-direct it as well?

KILLS: Technically I did but I really have to give it up to the director this time, Guillaume Doubet. I think despite the fact that I was heavily involved in the co-directing and writing the treatment. Really all the magic and the genius parts were down to him.

ME: Awesome! I’m sure all your fans that have been following you till this point are all very excited as am I.

KILLS: I am too! I don’t know why it’s taken this long to be honest. We shot it a while ago so I’m just waiting like everybody else. Waiting impatiently but it will be out!

ME: Yes! I’m sure we will all love it. Then once “Mirrors” is officially released it will obviously lead to the release of your debut album “Perfectionist” which is done, correct?

KILLS: Yes! That too has been done awhile but obviously they are creating more buzz and a demand for that. Wait to release the single to radio then the album will follow so obviously I know why that’s not out yet which is fine by me. It has been done for a very long time so I’m excited about that too.

ME: Yeah and are we looking for it to be released during the first half of next year?

KILLS: Absolutely! What everyone is telling me is probably March. Which is only actually three months away so I’m excited.

ME: Yeah! I already know you’ve worked with some great people on the record like Akon and Cherry Cherry Boom Boom. You’re also very heavily involved when it comes to the writing, production, sound and overall visuals. To be a artist that most be very important to you.

KILLS: For me personally yes, it’s very important to me. Like I said I’m a “Perfectionist” so when I come up with ideas and things I want to do. It’s important that there executed exactly how I originally envisioned them. Of course no one else can really have a grasp of that as deeply and in depth of detail as I can so it’s very important to me. I write my own songs and I collaborate with the producers on the musical side so it’s definitely always my definite and distinctive sound. Even with the videos I sit there and edit with the editor and I color correct with the color corrector. Pretty much anything you’ll ever see me do is straight from my mind. If it’s not a collaboration with someone like Guillaume the director or Laurieann Gibson my live show creative director or even the producers I’ve worked with on my album. If it’s not a collaboration with them then it’s all me. It’s straight from my mind so if you don’t like it then I guess you don’t like me in general [Laughs].

ME: [Laughs] I get it and I think its what separates you from a lot of the new artist out now. You’re doing what you want to do. Yeah you’re collaborating with all these great people but if its not you then your not going to put it out there, you know?

KILLS: Yeah I can’t. I feel quite distraught when something comes out and I had no control over it. I feel like it’s an elaboration or misinterpretation of my idea. I get worried when that happens sometimes because I just want to do what I want to do and what I enjoy so that I am able to bring enjoyment to others. I definitely don’t want to say I’m a control freak but I’m definitely a “Perfectionist” of extreme kinds.

ME: [Laughs] Exactly!

KILLS: [Laughs] to put it in the most peaceful and placid way possible. I am an extreme “Perfectionist,” It’s horrible.

ME: [Laughs] I totally understand. I can see it being bad for some things but I’m the same way so I just see it as a good thing.

KILLS: It is good! It makes you ambitious and it makes you have a high standard for your expectations and what your personal limits are. There’s no room for laziness. If I’m not satisfied with my ideas then I keep working on them and working on them. So at the same time that’s what’s great about it but what’s bad is that it can make you re-edit videos and delay your album coming out because you want to sing the hook better or write a different lyric to a song. It’s good and bad.

ME: Yeah I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now I know this tour with Robyn is over and this is the last show for this let. Are there plans to continue touring?

KILLS: I did hear that Robyn will be going on another tour in the New Year which is quite exciting for her and I would love to continue. Nothing has been confirmed yet and I still have a lot of work to do as far as promotion goes. So I’m not totally sure yet, but you should find out soon.

ME: Yeah, I totally get it. You’ve already been on some great tours with Kelis and Robyn. It’s time for Kills to go out and Kill the world [Laughs].

KILLS: [Laughs] It’s Kill time! I have really enjoyed opening for them though because instead of having to command my own fan base which of course you have to. I’m also getting to be exposed to someone else’s fan base and possibly win them over. It’s not just a challenge but a privilege to be able to do that in front of an audience that obviously have great taste in music and a high standard in entertainment level. I’ve really enjoyed opening so I wouldn’t mind at all to keep doing that.

ME: Yeah agreed it really has been great exposure.

KILLS: Yeah and it’s just fun to be in a different city everyday and meeting new people. I’ll never be bored. It’s always changing.

ME: Exactly, no complaints. Okay now I’m going to ask you three questions where you’ll be listing three things each.

KILLS: Okay! I’m not very good at these but I’ll give it a shot [Laughs].

ME: [Laughs] I’ll be easy on you. What are three things that you can’t live without?

KILLS: I would say… My lipstick which is MAC red satin, my heels, I need my heels all day everyday. Then the third thing I cannot live without would be… A lock of my lover’s hair by my nightstand.

ME: [Laughs] I think I like that.

KILLS: The last one is a joke; I’m just being an idiot [Laughs].

ME: [Laughs] you’re too much, I love it. Okay next one goes along with your name quite well. What are three things you want to do before you die?

KILLS: [Laughs] that is funny. I would have to say that I would like to learn another language on top of the ones I already know. I would like to get married. Then I would also like to write and direct my own box office movie.

ME: Oh, now that would be interesting [Laughs]. Okay, lastly. Describe Natalia Kills in three words.

KILLS: Myself or my music?

ME: Lets say everything overall

KILLS: The three words that are the most appropriate when referencing Natalia Kills are; axe wielding debauchery.

ME: I like that! Debauchery

KILLS: Yeah! Do you know that word?

ME: I do actually. I’ve heard it a lot actually, from you.

KILLS: Yeah! It’s like my favorite word [Laughs]. I like it because it’s used in a lot of Shakespearean references. Yeah, I don’t know; Debauchery. It’s the best way to say wild, provocative or untamed. I’m English so of course I like to throw in some phrases here in there. It’s become part of my everyday vocabulary.

ME: Yeah, I like it. I think I’m going to start saying it and see how people respond [Laughs].

KILLS: Yeah! I like it too. People will be like “Oh My God! How was your night, you were so drunk!” and you can be like “I know! It was debauchery” or something like that. I don’t know, that was my best American accent [Laughs].

ME: [Laughs] I would say that it was pretty accurate. Alright well thank you so so much, I’ve had a blast.

KILLS: No. Thank you!

ME: I’m looking forward to everything you’re going to do. I know your going to kill everything you set your mind to so I’m excited.

KILLS: Thank you so much! It’s been fun. Talk to you soon, bye!

ME: Take care

Natalia Kills will release her debut album “Perfectionist” on Tuesday (August 16)!

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