Jon ALi Interviews: Dev

ME: Hey Dev!

DEV: Hi Jon!

ME: How are you?

DEV: I’m good! How are you?

ME: I’m great! I’m super excited to talk to you today. I recently introduced you to all my readers and the feedback was great so I’m looking forward to this.

DEV: Awesome! I’m excited. Good stuff I’m feeling. Good vibes [Laughs].

ME: As of now your kind of known as the “Like a G6” girl. It went straight to #1 and the song has become a big hit everywhere so that must feel amazing.

DEV: Yeah, it’s absolutely amazing. It’s been going very well.

ME: Are you concerned that people may not necessarily think of DEV first when they hear “Like a G6” and just Far East Movement?

DEV: I’m not too concerned. Technically it is their song and their name and faces are behind it but my voice is like all over it. So by the end of the day even though someone will say the Far East Movement song, I know they’ve heard my voice like a million times so it’s totally okay [Laughs]. I’ll have my chance to shine but until then, they can just continue listening to me on the hook.

ME: [Laughs] Yeah, totally. Now because of “Like a G6” and correct me if I’m wrong. Your now signed to Universal Republic?

DEV: YES! I am. They believe in me those ones. Those crazies. I’ve been with them for a couple months now, so it’s pretty brand new. It’s been great so far, I’m very thankful.

ME: Yeah, you have this big team behind you now. It’s just going to help and open more doors, you know?

DEV: Yeah it will. The cool thing about them is that it feels like a really big family. I go over there and they’re not trying to change me or tell me to do a certain thing. They want to work with me and bring out the best in me as an artist and performer. More hands to help spread my music so I’m really excited. It’s going to be a fun little ride.

ME: Yeah, it definitely will. You’ve been out there for awhile so for anyone who doesn’t know; How did you getting into music all come about?

DEV: Well I put a little song that I recorded on my Mac book up on my MySpace like two and half years ago. It will be three in the spring. The Cataracs who are from California found it asked me to come out there to record with them. I lived only forty minutes away so I drove out there and met up with them. It was a really really good combination. It was really natural and it’s never been awkward working or hanging out with them. So we just decided to keep it moving and now we live together in a loft in downtown Los Angeles and continue to make music together. It’s kind of perfect.

ME: Yeah, I mean that must feel amazing. To meet people who are really into what you are doing but also when you meet them, you have this special connection.

DEV: Yeah! Definitely, it was kind of strange. I didn’t know them at all, you know? So it was totally great to get together and work together and have this instant connection. We sound really well on tracks together and we bring out the best of each other. I’m so happy to have them, for sure.

ME: Yeah. That’s so good and now you’ve just recently released your first single and video for “Bass Down Low” and it’s already taking off. So that must feel even more amazing.

DEV: Yeah! It’s doing pretty well, my little baby, my little baby single [Laughs]. It’s exciting for me. It’s featuring the boys and we did it together. We had so much fun doing it and filming the video so it’s good to see that it’s doing well. I think it’s a good follow-up to “Like a G6,” it has the really cool sound like “Like a G6” so it’s been great. I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from people, fans and radio. I’m excited.

ME: Yeah! I am too. I really think it’s going to be a hit.

DEV: Thank you so much

ME: No problem. I just love your flow and the way you do your verses and the one liners are my favorite! “Straight buzzin Robotussin,” like I can’t come up with that [Laughs]. What’s the inspiration when it comes to making these songs?

DEV: [Laughs] well me and the Cataracs threw that one in there because of “Like a G6.” We just wanted the song to have flavor, swag and style but without over doing it. We liked the simplicity so it could just speak for itself. We didn’t really think too much about it. Its always natural when I get into the studio with them. We don’t sit there and beat ourselves over the head, you know? When we did “Like a G6,” it was super natural. We didn’t go into the studio and say how do we make a number pop song, you know? It’s not like that at all so that’s the same thing we did with “Bass Down Low.”

ME: Yeah, totally and that’s how it should be. I know your newly signed so your probably still getting this debut album together, right?

DEV: Yeah, I’m actually finishing up some touring right now and doing radio stuff. Then once I’m done with that, the Cataracs and I are going to Costa Rica for a month to record the album. The boys are going to do most of the production and stuff so will be there for a month at a really cool beach house and make a lot of great music.

ME: Yes! Make some magic.

DEV: Yes! Some beautiful things [Laughs].

ME: [Laughs] Indeed. Alright, lastly and I’ve been doing this with everyone lately. If you can describe yourself in three words; what would they be?

DEV: OH FUCK! This question gets me every time [Laughs]. How about… I’m so lame [Laughs]. I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

ME: [Laughs] Ok, Ok… maybe let’s try one word.

DEV: How about two words and lets just say, Pretty Cool [Laughs].

ME: [Laughs] Perfect! Alright, well thank you so much for talking to me today. I’m super excited for the single and I can’t wait for the album. I wish you the best of luck.

DEV: Thank you so much! I had a really good time, you’re great!

ME: No problem and Thank You! Take care!

Dev will release her debut album “When The Sun Comes Up” on Tuesday (September 22)!

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