Jon ALi Interview: Oh Land

My exclusive interview with Danish singer-songwriter, Oh Land took place at the Charles Bang Gallery in New York City. It was just day one of Oh Land‘s special art installation/four night residency. You can check out the full interview and her performance of “Sun Of a Gun” below! (Photo Credit: Lawrence Lucier)


Me: What is Oh Lands world? Why is this your world?

Oh Land: When I write songs, I imagine a whole world to go along with the songs. I think about how it should look and how it should feel. When I write it’s not just about the story but also where the story happens. I think of things in a very filmic way and that’s why I need to do things like this (the gallery) to give people the experience.

Me: So when you write the songs you automatically imagine the visuals as well?

Oh Land: Yeah, it’s not always so specific like in a storyline but I see pictures in my head and places. I see dead people [Laughs].

Me: [Laughs] Yes, exactly!

Now I know you’re living in New York, you see different kinds of people every day. How do you think New York has changed your music and perspective on things?

Oh Land: I think for instance those houses that we have over there (see picture below), maybe in the next exhibition there will be skyscrapers [Laughs]. New York is just the extreme. The house to me is a symbol of something that makes you feel like you’re home and for me that’s music.

 Me: Love that answer! The album you’ve just released here has been done for awhile and it’s just now being released everywhere else. Are you already working on new material?

Oh Land: I’m always writing and working on new material. I think even though I love performing and playing my songs live, I’m always inspired. I just got back from a tour but I always feel inspired to work on new material. Even though I’m not at a point where I’m recording anything, I still run out during soundchecks and begin writing new songs when I have an idea.

ME: I think it’s really good that you keep up with that consistency and that you keep writing.

Oh Land: Yeah, I always feel like I have something I need to express.

ME: Exactly. Who is someone in the industry that maybe your fans would be surprised to know that you really like?

Oh Land: I really love Bjork. She’s so visual with everything she approaches. I love Thom Yorke. There are a whole bunch of people that I love. I’m really into James Blake right now as well. I’m obsessed with James Blake to an unhealthy degree [Laughs].

ME: [Laughs] I love James Blake! I believe he is going to be coming to the US soon.

Oh Land: Yeah, on purpose I’ve tried to avoid him a few times. I don’t know if I would like myself in his company. I would be all over him, he’s cute.

Me: I love it; you would definitely have to tame yourself [Laughs]…. Well that was basically it but thanks for taking the time to talk to us. The gallery is amazing and I wish you the very best.

Oh Land: Thank You! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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