Jon ALi Interview: FeFe Dobson

ME: Hey FeFe! How are you?

FEFE: Good! How are you?

ME: I’m great and super excited to talk to you today. I know you must be super excited aswell, your new album “Joy” is out today!

FEFE: I know! I can’t believe it, it feels so awesome.

ME: Of course and I know you’ve been working on this for some time now and it probably feels much longer to you. How does it feel to finally have it out there?

FEFE: It’s wild, you know. It’s taken about four years to make and it’s been a long journey but an amazing one. It’s just so crazy that it’s out today. It came out on the 22nd in Canada and today in the US so it’s pretty wild.

ME: Yeah and all I’m hearing is great feedback, everyone seems to be loving it. So it must feel even better to have it out there and hear that your fans are enjoying it.

FEFE: It’s such a blessing. My fans have been so supportive and so patient with me. They’ve really been waiting for this new album for a long time and I feel like the comments I’ve been getting from them has been really positive and really inspiring for me. It’s just a great feeling, your completely right, it’s a great feeling.

ME: Awesome and now that it’s out there, is there a certain message or feeling you want your fans to take from this album.

FEFE: I think I just want them to feel like they’re getting me in my must honest way possible. They got me in a very vulnerable time and I want them to feel like they can connect with me. It’s very important to me that I connect with my audience and my fans. I also want them to feel satisfied. That they haven’t been ripped off after waiting so long.

ME: Exactly, and I think that has been accomplished. You’ve already released two singles. Do you have a favorite single or cut from the album that really stands out more then the others?

FEFE: Yeah, there’s a song called “Can’t Breathe” that’s on the album and is very personal to me. Actually when I started to write it, I had Leona Lewis in mind. Then I don’t know what it was but halfway through I was like I want to keep this for myself actually [laughs] and I did, which is great. It was such a cool collaboration with so many people that are super talented. Bob Ezrin produced that song and he’s the man behind “The Wall” from Pink Floyd. He’s a man who really changed rock n roll history. I mean it’s “The Wall,” so it’s crazy to me. He produced that and Orianthi played guitar and did a guitar solo on that one. Every time I play it live, it always makes me feel really good. Just takes me back to that place every time.

ME: That’s pretty amazing and is already a fan favorite. When I asked the readers to submit in questions, many of them mentioned that song.

FEFE: Oh yeah?

ME: Yeah, they all want to know if it will be a single or not. Are there plans for another single?

FEFE: Yeah, totally. We’re definitely considering “Can’t Breathe” actually. It’s ahead of the race for sure.

ME: Great! I’m sure fans will be happy to hear that. So not only have you been keeping busy working on your projects, but you’ve also been writing for other artists. As well as being covered by them. Hows that experience for you?

FEFE: It’s such a crazy experience. First of all, it’s unbelievable. It’s so cool, I’m in my early 20’s and already being covered. I’m so thankful to have had such opportunists. Just recently with Selena GomezRound & Round” and everything. It’s a cool feeling to not only be respected as a singer and performer but as a songwriter as well, you know. Not to mention that you get to have other people sing about your bad relationships so you don’t have to do them all the time is good [laughs].

ME: [Laughs] Definitely, definitely.Now I know you probably get asked this question a lot, but when the readers submitted their questions a lot of them brought up your unreleased album “Sunday Love.” It seems a lot of them are confused as to why it was never released. So I figured I’d let you shed some light on it.

FEFE: Yeah, well we released “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head” and it wasn’t catching as fast as we had hoped. Jordin Sparks ended up covering it so it had it’s time but it definitely wasn’t going where we had wanted it to and prayed it would go. At that point I just needed some time to grow musically and spread my wings. There was some musical differences at that point so we parted ways with my label, Island. Took some time to figure things out and try it again. I’m so glad in a lot of ways that I was able to do that because the worse feeling is not having an album out but not but being stuck in a position where your not able to grow as an artist. I was able to grow without having people watch over me and that was awesome. Now being able to bring that material back to Island and having them re-sign me really showed their belief and support. There was never any harsh feeling. LA Reid and I always talked even when I was indie and doing my thing on my own. We always talked and he would always ask to hear new music from me. I just really needed to grow as an artist and It was the best thing that could have happened. “Sunday Love” will have it’s time and it has in certain areas and it will again.

ME: Yeah, definitely. I think that’s a great way of putting it. I do believe it was like a blessing in disguise because you have grown musically and the proof is in the music. It’s just so good.

FEFE: Thank you so much

ME: No problem. Now back to the album. In your latest video for “Stuttering” you actually are doing some acting. Is that something your interested in? How was that for you?

FEFE: The acting and everything was a lot of fun. The french cowboy in the beginning, his accent was hilarious. The director of “GhostAlan Ferguson and I for the next one really wanted to do something different. We had been working on it for about a month before we shot it and it was just a concept I really wanted to do. I’m really inspired by films like ‘Memento‘ and where there’s twist, I like twists. I like when I have to think and I’m being challenged. So I wanted to make a video that seemed that it had a bit of that twist and mental challenge. I think it’s very important to be challenged as a human being. The song is a pop/rock song and I really wanted it to have an edge. I wanted the video to make you think and wonder what’s going on.

ME: Yeah and I think you accomplished that. Some people may have been confused but overall they liked it and it made them think.

FEFE: Yeah, It’s really different. I really wanted to do that. I could have just made a performance video but I just wanted to try something new.

ME: So when plans for the next video come up….would you want to do something along the same lines?

FEFE: I have no clue yet but I’ll make sure we make it big and awesome [laughs]. No concepts or anything yet.

ME: Can’t wait, I know it will be good. Now I’m sure you’ll be doing some touring next, right?

FEFE: Yeah, definitely. I’m about to head to L.A to do a show with some friends of mine, Canadian band Hedley. Going to be doing some Christmas shows for radio stations then for the new year head back in the road. I’ll be spreading the “Joy” for sure.

ME: Alright, can’t wait! Wanted to thank you again for talking to me today and I wish you the best of luck with “Joy.” It’s great.

FEFE: No problem! Thank you so much for the support

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