Jon ALi Interview: Far East Movement

ME: Hey! How are you guys doing? Super excited to talk to you today.

FM: We’re great. Thank you for talking to us today, we appreciate it

ME: No problem. I actually was able to attend your album listening party in New York and I had a blast so I’m happy to get the chance to talk to you guys today.

FM: Oh, awesome. Thank you for coming.

ME: For sure. I first wanted to congrualte you guys on your single “Like A G6” blowing up right now. Moving up on the Billboard (currently #10) and iTunes (#5) chart every week. It must feel great.

FM: Definitely, It’s kind of hit us by surprise and everyday it’s another shock so were very grateful. Grateful for all the dj’s, people writing about it, and all the fans bumpin it.

ME: Yeah, people are feeling it and it’s quickly becoming a party record for everyone. You guys have been around for quite some now so it must feel weird to finally see everything taking off.

FM: Yeah it definitely does because we’ve been indie for so long. We’re definitely appreciating it. Don’t want to wake up, you know?

ME: Yeah, for sure. Now I know you guys have just filmed the video for the second single “Rocketeer” with Ryan Tedder. What can we expect from the video?

FM: The video was shot by director Marc Klasfeld and we really just wanted to show that there’s a humorous side to the story of Far East Movement. Our band is very lifestyle oriented. So we are going to show a love interest between a girl and boy who live just like us in LA. It being called “Rocketeer” we also wanted to include a surprise at the end…possibly a jetpack. It was a lot of fun and we actually got to write the treatment ourselves, took it to Klasfeld and he was able to take it to a whole new place.

ME: Sounds great. Look forward to that…when can we expect a premiere?

FM: Not sure yet. It all depends cause “Like A G6” is doing so well, you know? It one of the most added songs on radio this week so it’s kind of pushing everything back which is a good thing. Not complaining.

ME: Yeah, that is really great. Now the album “Free Wired” is just a couple weeks from being released on October 12th, so what can fans expect from the album?

FM: Can’t wait for this album to be released. We’ve been blessed to work with some amazing talent. We’re fans, you know? So to be able to work with people like Snoop Dogg who were huge fans of, it’s been great. We also have Keri Hilson, Lil’ Jon, Bruno Mars, our label mates Colette Carr and Natalia Kills. Production by the Sterotypes, Roger Sanchez, Ryan Tedder, and Cherry Cherry Boom Boom who’s worked with Lady GaGa. Just being around all these veterans helped us to own our craft. We wanted to write songs that represent Far East Movement and that represent our lifestyle. Hopefully it’s one of those records that your going to want to play over and over again and not want to take out of your cd player.

ME: I’m sure it will be. You were able to work with a great set of people so fans are going to love it.

FM: Yeah, definitely. I think it really has to do with our team and ever since we got new management. Being with this label everyone has been so amazing with creating opportunities for us. Like getting us on tour with Lady GaGa to getting Snoop Dogg on the record to just surrounding us with power to the movement. Were nothing without the people we work with.

ME: Awesome, ,must be very grateful. I can tell all the hard work has payed off and it’s just going to continue.

FM: Thank You, we really appreciate that. We hope so.

ME: Now I know you’ve been touring for a while and now your jumping on the “Up in the Air” tour with Mike Posner. That must be exciting, he also is blowing up at the moment.

FM: Yeah, Posner is great. We actually got the chance to do a show with him at Bamboozle in Jersey and just to see the way he rocks the crowd and the way his songs take off I feel like were hitting the same audience. It’s the right fit and were very excited. 30 cities and were going to be hitting a little bit of a different audience but were excited to put in the work.

ME: Yeah for sure. If anything it’s only going to expand your fan base and people who already love you guys are just gonna have a blast when they see you live. Just from seeing you guys open for Kelis and Robyn in New York, the energy was insane.

FM: Oh, awesome that you were at the show. Thank you man, thank you so much. It was a good learning experience for us, you know? Being the first of four… we’ve never been first so we were worried. Didn’t know if anyone was going to be there. If people were going to feel or be into it because you know Robyn fans are just so hip. Like there trend setters and she kills it. We we very humbled and fortunate to be on that tour and it ended up being a really good experience for us.

ME: Yeah, I bet. It’s been all very exciting for you guys. After the album is released and people start hearing it… what do you want them to take from it the most?

FM: We really just want people to feel “Free Wired” after this record is out. We want them to feel and understand that Far East Movement is a brand and an lifestyle. A “Free Wired” lifestyle which is essentially what we always say live free, stay wired. We want you to live free, get wild, and be proud of yourself. We have always been ourselves and we want that energy to inspire and have people leave with that. Like when you hear the music and we say STAY WIRED that’s essentially means two things.One you modestly stay up all night bumping the music, partying with us. Two is staying connected, meaning we are always on our laptops and staying connected with the fans. Whether it be doing the chat rooms in or any other medium like our blogging, the webisodes and twitter. We try to stay as interactive as possible. I think this generation is already very “Free Wired” the name was inspired by real life and how people are living.

ME: I agree. It’s definitely the right time to be doing what you guys are doing so I think it’s all going to work out great.

FM: Thank you.

ME: No problem. Alright, well that’s all I pretty much had but I wanted to thank you guys so much for taking the time to talk to me today. It’s been great.

FM: Thank you so much man, we really appreciate it. Your in NY right?

ME: Yupp

FM: Okay cool. Hopefully when we get out there on the Posner tour we would love for you to come out to the show.

ME: I would most definitely be down for that

FM: Alright, great. Stay in touch

ME: Will do. Take care

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