Jon ALi Interview: Christian TV

Fresh from the release of his first mix-tape “Who the Fu*k is Christian TV?,” I chatted with singer-songwriter, Christian TV to fill you in on everything you need to know about him. Check out the interview below!

ME: Hey man! How’s it going?

CHRISTIAN: It’s going good! I’m good.

ME: Great! So I quickly wanted to congratulate you on your first big TV performance on So You Think You Can Dance? That must have been amazing for you.

CHRISTIAN: Thanks man. It was crazy…. just the preparation for it and the day of was just one big crazy experience.

ME: Yeah, I could imagine especially since it’s the first time many people are seeing or hearing about you.

CHRISTIAN: Yeah it was really nerve racking

ME: Understandable… alright so first off just so everyone knows and there is no confusion. Why did you decide to call yourself Christian TV?

CHRISTIAN: Well my name is Christian and basically it’s just the broadcast of me to the world. Through my music and whatever else I do. Christian TV.

ME: Pretty self explanatory and for those out there that don’t really know you. How did you get to where you are today? How did you get signed?

CHRISTIAN: It’s such a long story just because It’s been a long journey. It started when I was younger, I got signed to Atlantic when I was just 18 years-old. Was in a band called Love Arcade but the band broke-up and I just kept doing my thing. Began working on my own stuff and made the solo record that I have out right now, released the video, got picked up by Motown in January, and now I’m here talking to you.

ME: Awesome! Now you have the single out “When She Turns 18” and it will be impacting radio soon. What the songs about is pretty obvious but what can you tell me about the inspiration for it?

CHRISTIAN: I basically was just thinking…. who hasn’t been in this situation that I’m talking about in the song.You know? Like guys and girls at one point or another fine themselves in the same situation. When your in High School the senior dating the freshmen and stuff like that. You hear about these stories all the time. I’ve been in the situation myself so I just wanted to write about it as a whole.

ME: So this is definitely the first song you wanted to release?

CHRISTIAN: Yeah. I mean it’s one of the first records I made. Made the first video before I was signed with money that I had from having a song featured in a movie. I spent all that money on a video for “When She Turns 18” and it’s what started a little buzz and eventually got me signed. It was a great investment. I believed in the song and just went for it. Still do.

ME: Yeah, for sure! I would say so, it got you this far. So once the single is out, it’s time to put out the album. Is it finished? Are you still working on it?

CHRISTIAN: Yeah it’s pretty much finished. Just putting the finishing touches on some songs and wrapping up the mixing. I’m always recording though. It will all be turned in soon and were picking out the album artwork, all very exciting. I’m really excited to get it out. It’s my first major label release, so I can’t wait.

ME: Yeah, I bet. I mean for anyone that’s a huge deal so of course your excited. What can we expect from the album?

CHRISTIAN: Oh man, you can expect a lot. I love the lyrical content of the album just because I feel like it’s the main thing that’s gonna make me stick out more then others. Lyrically it’s about me and what I’ve gone through and what I’m still going through now. The pressure of growing up and the fight for yourself and what you believe in. It’s a little bigger minded thinking for the songs but at the same time I’m making pop music so it’s still simple. I would say it’s intricate, I can’t wait for you and everybody to hear it.

ME: Yeah for sure and I know others are looking forward to it. Obviously I was interested… I heard the song, then saw the video and thought you had something good going on. Which led me to post about you to see the readers responses. The emails and comments were coming in fast so I think they felt the same way. It may take some time for everyone to fully grasp but with a little more work and exposure, you should be set.

CHRISTIAN: Yeah man, well thank you. I think so too. It’s all about believing in yourself. If you work hard and believe in what your doing, why wouldn’t anyone else? I tell this to everyone. If you want to do something and you put enough energy into it, believe in it, then it’s going to manifest for you.

ME: Yeah, exactly. That’s some great advice and I know your heavily involved in everything you do. When it comes to the writing, the production and so on. Have you worked and collaborated with anyone on the album?

CHRISTIAN: Yeah, of course. I’ve worked with No I.D. whose work with Kanye West and Jay-Z, we did two songs together. It was really cool because I got to worry less about the production and worry more about the songs. It’s crazy how big the songs are because of that and I think those are great collaborations. I have a couple more guest producers as well but other then that it’s just me.

ME: That’s great. Looking forward to it. I think that the listeners can really appreciate that because not only are you writing it all but your also producing as well. It’s a lot of work.

CHRISTIAN: Yeah, it’s a little crazy and labels think that people don’t really look at that but they do. Just the fact that I can sit here and tell you that’s what I’m doing accounts for a lot. You see who’s behind the songs, you know?

ME: Exactly and I know once the single is officially released and sent out you’ll work hard to get it out there. Are you going to be doing some shows and radio touring?

CHRISTIAN: Yeah, definitely. Radio tours are like priority and hopefully will begin to tour later this fall and just continue on from there.

ME: Alright, perfect. Well I’m definitely excited for things to start moving and I wish you the best. Thank you for talking to me today, it’s been great.

CHRISTIAN: No problem man, same. Thank you. Let me know if you need anything.

ME: Will do. Have a good one.

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